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Organized by
Zhejiang University Institute of Computing Innovation, China

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IEEE SMC Society
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Zhejiang Sci
-Tech University, China

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Gang Chen

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Xiaoping Liu
Jano de Souza
Amy Trappey
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Weiming Shen
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Jinghui Zhang

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Haibin Zhu

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Kunkun Peng

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Sai Wu
Jinfeng Gao

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Qinghua Zheng


SS9: Cyber-physical systems, Industry 4.0, and digital twins             


·   Organizers


Bosong Pan - panbsz@zjut.edu.cn, Yong Chen - cy@zjut.edu.cn, Chaobo Yan - chaoboyan@mail.xjtu.edu.cn, and Long Wen - wenlong@cug.edu.cn

·   Description/Abstract


With the advancement of data-acquisition systems, information technology (IT), and network technologies, manufacturing has entered the digital age. Against a background of digitalization, the manufacturing industry is facing global challenges with rapid advancements in digital technologies Cyber–physical systems (CPS), Industry 4.0 and digital twins (DTs) are taking a central position in new-generation intelligent manufacturing, which has resulted in the need for support of the innovation in related research areas.

The topics for the special session aim to focus on the novel research on the following aspects but are not limited to: the theories, models, methods, prominent technologies and applications of CPS, Industry 4.0 and DTs.