The 10th International Conference on CSCW in Design

May 3-5, 2006, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

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Technical Program 

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Wednesday May 3, 2006



9:00 ~ 9:30

Opening Plenary

1. Welcome Speech by Prof. Guanqun Gu, Conference Chair, President of Southeast University , China

2. Special Talk on 10 years of CSCWD Workshops/Conferences by Prof. Zongkai Li n and Prof. Jean-Paul Barthes, CSCWD Steering Committee Co-Chairs

9:30 ~ 10:30

Keynote Speech  by Prof. Cheng Wu, Tsinghua University , China

10:30 ~ 10:50

Coffee/Tea Break

10:50 ~ 12:30

A1-CCM-1 (5)

B1-CD-1 (5)

C1- MAS-1 (5)

D1- EC-EB (5)

12:30 ~ 13:30


13:30 ~ 15:30

A2-CCM-2 (6)

B2-CD-2 (6)

C2- MAS-2 (6)

D2- NM (6)

15:30 ~ 15:50

Coffee/Tea Break

15:50 ~ 18:00

A3-CCM-3 (7)

B3-CD-3 (7)

C3- MAS-3 (6)

D3- VRCAD (7)




Thursday May 4, 2006



8:30 ~ 9:30

Keynote Speech by Prof. Tetsuo Tomiyama , Delft University of Technology , The Netherlands

9:30 ~ 9:40


9:40 ~ 11:00

A4-CSCWS-1 (4)

B4-CD-4 (4)

C4- OKM-1 (4)

D4- DM-1 (4)

11:00 ~ 11:10

Coffee/Tea Break

11:10 ~ 12:30

A5-CSCWS-2 (4)

B5- GC-1 (4)

C5- OKM-2 (4)

D5- DM-2 (4)

12:30 ~ 13:30


13:30 ~ 15:30

A6-CSCWS-3 (6)

B6- GC-2 (6)

C6-WS-SW-1 (6)

D6-DMT-1 (6)

15:30 ~ 15:50

Coffee/Tea Break

15:50 ~ 18:00

A7- SEC-1 (7)

B7-DIM (7)

C7-WS-SW-2 (7)

D7-DMT-2 (7)


Conference Banquet


Friday May 5, 2006

8:30 ~ 9:30

Keynote Speech by Prof. Elisa Bertino, Purdue University , USA

9:30 ~ 9:40


9:40 ~ 11:20

A8- SEC-2 (5)

B8- NM-2 (6)

C8-WS-SW-3 (5)

D8- EL-1 (5)

11:20 ~ 11:30

Coffee/Tea Break

11:30 ~ 13:10

A9- SEC-3 (6)

B9- WM-1 (7)

C9- AP (6)

D9- EL-2 (6)

13:10 ~ 14:00


14:00 ~ 18:00

Nanjing City Tour




AP (Other Applications)
CD (Collaborative Design)
CCM (Collaboration and Coordination Methods)
CSCWS (CSCW Techniques and Systems)
DIM (Data and Information Management)
DM (Design Management)
DMT (Design Methods and Tools)
EC-EB (E-Commerce and E-Businesses)
EL (E-Learning)
GC (Grid Computing)
MAS (Agents and Multi-Agent Systems)
NM (Networked Manufacturing)
SEC (Security in CSCW Systems)
OKM (Ontology and Knowledge Management)
VRCAD (Virtual Reality and CAD)
WM (Workflow Management)
WS-SW (Web Services and Semantic Web)


A1: CCM-1 (Collaboration and Coordination Methods)

1990: Using Isolation Spheres for Cooperative Processes Correctness
Adnene Guabtni, François Charoy, Claude Godart
1236: A Willing-to-Share Based Incentive Mechanism for File Sharing P2P Networks
Li ang Sun, Shiduan Cheng, Yu Li n, Wendong Wang
1508: A Task Balancing and Collaborative Strategy for View Maintenance Based on CSCW
Yayao Zuo, Yong Tang , Zhongmei Shu
1882: Collaboration upon Heterogeneous Platforms – from Desktop PC to Handheld Device
Feng Li u, Li ng Chen, Gencai Chen
1237: Context Modelling to Support Location Based Cooperative Mobile Learning
Bin Hu, Philip Moore


A2: CCM-2 (Collaboration and Coordination Methods)

1781: A Context Model for Collaborative Environment
Guiling Wang, Jinlei Jiang, Meilin Shi
1807: A Hierarchical Cooperation Model for Sensor Networks Supported Cooperative Work
Li ang Li u, Huadong Ma, Dan Tao, Dongmei Zhang
1834: A Fuzzy Critical Path Method based Scheduling Approach for Collaboration Process
Feng Tian, Renhou Li
1894: Facilitating Cooperation in Global Software Design via Micro-Estimation
Bin Xu , Hua Hu, Yun Li ng, Xiaohu Yang, Zhijun He, Albert Ma
1937: Study on Constraint Information Visualization in CSCD
Xiaoping Li u, Hui Shi, Zhengqiang Mao, Li ping Zheng
1943: A P2P Architecture for Supporting Group Communication in CSCW Systems
Hua Chen, Jianfei Qian, Qingming He


A3: CCM-3 (Collaboration and Coordination Methods)

1839: Influence of Context on Group Work Collaboration Level
Márcio G.P. Rosa, Flávia Maria Santoro, Marcos R.S. Borges
1873: Heuristics for Permutation Flow Shops to Minimize Total Flowtime
Xiaoping Li , Qian Wang
1945: An Approach to Consistency Maintenance Based on Intention Context of Real-Time Group Editing Systems
Haishui Xu, Xiufen Fu, Shixian Li
2026: A Differentiated Service Supported Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm for Multiple Points Communications
Qinghua Zheng
2055: Processing Data Structures in a Peer-To-Peer Network
Phil Thompson, Anne James, Leonid Smalov
2058: Multi-Model Driven Collaborative Development Platform for Service-Oriented e-Business Systems
Yinsheng Li , Ying Huang, Xiaohua Lu, Xingdong Shi, Weiming Shen, Hamada Ghenniwa
1778: A Service Driven Coordination Model in Virtual Enterprise
Wei Li u, Wei Du


A4: CSCWS-1 (CSCW Techniques and Systems)

2016: Building a Personal Knowledge Recommendation System using Agents, Learning Ontologies and Web Mining
Juliana Lucas de Rezende, Vinícios Batista Pereira, Geraldo Xexéo, Jano Moreira de Souza
1496: Cognitive Dust: Li nking CSCW Theories to Creative Design Processes
Terence Blackburn, Paul Swatman, Rudi Vernik
1409: Cooperative Multi-Versioning Technique Based on Version Replication
Wanfeng Dou, Ming Zhu, Qi Shen
1582: A Scalable Framework for Large-Scale Distributed Collaboration
Shengwen Yang, Jinlei Jiang, Meilin Shi

A5: CSCWS-2 (CSCW Techniques and Systems)
1625: ALMSC: An Application Layer Multicast Based SIP Conference Model
Deguo Yang, Yuhui Zhao, Cuirong Wang, Yuan Gao
1788: Supporting Distributed Collaborative Work with Multi-versioning
Mehmet A. Orgun, Li yin Xue, Zhangang Han
1954: A Novel Approach to Convert Single-user Applications into Collaborative Applications
Baomin Xu, Michael Rose, Zongkai Li n
1980: Considering Context Elements in Pre-meeting Systems
José Maria N. David, Marcio G.P. Rosa, Flávia Maria Santoro, Marcos R.S. Borges


A6: CSCWS-3 (CSCW Techniques and Systems)

1988: Recommender Systems for Knowledge Teams
Vanessa Almeida, Claudia Motta, Sueli Mendes
1993: A User Perspective of QoS for Ubiquitous Collaborating Systems
Rahat Iqbal, Nazaraf Hussain Shah, Anne James , Muhammad Younas, Kuo-Ming Chao
2018: Supporting Student-Supervisor Scientific Collaboration
Juliana Lucas de Rezende, Geraldo Xexéo, Ricardo Tadeu da Silva, Margarete Silva Araújo, Jano Moreira de Souza
2019: Developing an automated design modification system for aluminum disk wheels
Yeh- Li ang Hsu, Chia-Chieh Yu, Shang-Chieh Wu
2056: A Transformation-Based Method for Name Converge in Quiescent Context of Replicated Solid Modeling Systems
Bin Li ao, Fazhi He , Shuxu Jing. Yue Wu
1596: Analysis and Modeling of Wireless LAN
Youjip Won, Dashdorj Yamkhin


A7: SEC-1 (Security in CSCW Systems)

1267: Neighbourhood-Trust Dependency Access Control for WFMS
Jianming Yong
1841: MatchMaker - A Flexible Synchronizing Mechanism for Distributed Applications through Firewalls
Jansen N. Baloian, José A. Pino
1603: Supporting Security in Dynamic Cooperation of Cross-Enterprise Services
Jingfan Tang , Zhijun He
1640: Tracing the Source of Net-Virus within a Subnet
Lansheng Han, Varney Washington, Yuanbo Wang, Shuxia Han
1684: An Intelligent Risk Assessment System for AEC
Huiping Shang, Chimay J. Anumba, Dino M. Bouchlaghem
1970: RTFW: An access control model for workflow environment
Shengye Lu, Hao Jiang  
1589: Analysis and Countermeasure of Selfish Node Problem in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Li Xu, Zhiwei Li n, Ayong Ye


A8: SEC-2 (Security in CSCW Systems)

1737: Temporal Role Hierarchies
Wei Dao, Yong Tang , Na Tang , Gaofeng Ji
1865: Design of User Authentication System based on WPKI
Cheol-seung Lee, Hyeong-gyun Kim, Joon Lee
1869: Awareness and Privacy in Groupware Systems
Min Kyung Kim, Hee-Cheol Kim
1904: A Model to Incorporate Privacy in Organizational Memory Systems
Valeria Herskovic, Sergio F. Ochoa, José A. Pino
1914: A Database Encryption Scheme for Enhanced Security and Easy Sharing
Gang Chen, Ke Chen, Jinxiang Dong


A9: SEC-3 (Security in CSCW Systems)

2036: A Network Access Control Architecture Using State-Transfer-Based Dynamic Policy
Cheng Zang, Zhongdong Huang, Gang Chen, Jinxiang Dong
2059: Resilient Rights Protection for Product Data
Ke Chen, Gang Chen, Tian-lei Hu, Jin-xiang Dong
2066: A Trust Model for SEUGrid: a Grid Platform for Monte Carlo Simulation
Yaobin Xu, Junzhou Luo, Li ang Ge
1210: A Generic Application Sharing Architecture Based on Message-Oriented Middleware Platform
Hui-Chieh Lu, Yen-Ping Chu, Ruey-Kai Sheu, Win-T sun g Lo  
1595: Research on Virtual Logistic Enterprises Partners Selection Method Based on CLIQUE
Song Xu, Li xin Shen, Jun Zhai,Zan Yang,Yongxian Li
2044: Mobile phone ' s cooperative design based on Product Identity
Tian Lei, Ying Yang, Jiaying Xu, Yunhe Pan


B1: CD-1 (Collaborative Design)

1973: A Face-to-Face System for Supporting Mobile Collaborative Design using Sketches and Pen-based Gestures
Gustavo Zurita, Nelson Baloian, Felipe Baytelman
1185: A Generic Multi-domain Integrated Product Modeling Framework
Wenlei Zhang, Yushun Fan
1287: Research on Technology of Rough Set-Based Conflict Solution Case Reasoning in Collaborative Design
Li n Wang Li n, Buyun Sheng, Zhijun Li n, Yufeng Ding
1484: Research on Automobile Sketch Cooperative Design Based on Image Cognition Model
Zhengyu Tan, Shouqian Sun, Qi Huang
1501: Modeling and Implementation of Parts Li brary Based on Standard Technology and XML for Networked Collaborative Design
Jun Ma, Guoning Qi, Xinjian Gu, Jianfeng Guo, Bao Li   Dong, Shengfa Wang


B2: CD-2 (Collaborative Design)

1611: Constraint-based Collaborative Design
Zhijun Rong, Peigen Li , Xinyu Shao, Kuisheng Chen
1673: A Collaborative Framework for Designers and Developers of Software-Intensive Systems
Jun Kong, Guang-Lei Song, Kang Zhang, Mao Li n Huang
1714: Towards Web Services-based Collaborative Design
Hui Xu, Debao Xiao
1730: AGOM: A Novel Method of Embedded System Communication Architecture Design in System Level Design
Yawen Niu, Jinian Bian, Haili Wang, Kun Tong, Liang Zhu
1760: Scenario-based Design Knowledge Acquiring and Application in Collaborative Product Design
Hao Tan, Jianghong Zhao, Jun Zhang
1823: Uncertainty Management in the Concurrent and Collaborative Design based on Generalized Dynamic Constraints Network (GDCN)
Weiming Wang, Jie Hu, Jilong Yin, Yinghong Peng


B3: CD-3 (Collaborative Design)

1817: COSINE: A Sketch-Based Interactive Environment for Cooperative Design
Wei Jiang, Zhengxing Sun, Wentao Zheng
1661: An Approach Based on Question Answering Mechanism for Handling Unexpected Exceptions in Collaborative Design
Feng Tian, Renhou Li , Bo Chen, Qinghua Zheng
1844: Co-CreativePen Toolkit: A Pen-based 3D Toolkit for Children Cooperatively Designing Virtual Environment
Feng Tian, Hongan Wang, Fengjun Zhang, Guozhong Dai
1872: Parameter Coordination for Multidisciplinary Collaborative Design
Jie Hu, Guangleng Xiong, Yinghong Peng, Weiming Wang
1883: A Framework to Support Self-Governing Software Design Groups
Adriana S. Vivacqua, Jean-Paul Barthès, Jano Moreira de Souza
1955: Supporting Collaboration in Software Development Activities
Arnaud Lewandowski, Grégory Bourguin
1995: Integrated Design Decision-making in the Cladding Supply Chain
Qiang Du, Stephen Ledbetter


B4: CD-4 (Collaborative Design)

2045: Research on Product Co-operative Design Based on User Experience
Yanhe Zhang, Ying Yang, Li gang Zhou, Yunhe Pan
2052: A Case Study on Scenario Approach in Taipei-Beijing Collaborative Design through Computer-Mediated Communication
Lai-Chung Lee, Whei-Jane Wei
2072: A Cooperative – Oriented Computer-Aided Design System
Jiang Guo, Bin Feng, Xichun Pei, Sosuke Tokunaga
1831: Collaborative Multidisciplinary Design in Virtual Environments
Toan Nguyen, Vittorio Selmin


B5: GC-1 (Grid Computing)

1226: GridSM: a Norm-driven State Machine Model of Grid Workflow
Shichao Zhang, Jiangming Yang, Ning Gu
1525: A Version-enabled Peer-to-peer Content Distribution System based on DHT
Yi Jiang, Guangtao Xue, Jinyuan You
1547: Time-Cost Tradeoff Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Workflows in Grids
Yingchun Yuan, Xiaoping Li , Qian Wang
1610: Grid Resource Model Based on Hyper Topology Space
Bin Lu


B6: GC-2 (Grid Computing)

1619: Design and Implementation of Integrated Information System for Monitoring Resources in Grid Computing
Do-Hyeon Kim, Kyung-Woo Kang
1683: Cooperative Grid Computation System for CSCW
QingKui Chen, Li Chun Na
1764: Application of Grid Technology in Multi-Objective Aircraft Optimization System
Yan Chang, Wenyuan Cheng, Xu Li u, Xianghui Xie
1794: Extended Resource Information Services Based-on Directory Service Technology
Li ang Hu, Kuo Tang , Kuo Zhao, Dong Guo, Bing Li ang
1932: Web Services Based on Grid Technology
Huiying Xu, Jianmin Zhao, Xinzhong Zhu, Zhiyong Li
2064: The Measurement Model of Grid QoS
Zhiang Wu, Junzhou Luo


B7: DIM (Data and Information Management)

1194: Automated Patent Document Summarization for R&D Intellectual Property Management
Amy J.C. Trappey, Charles V. Trappey, Burgess H. S. Kao
1232: Research on P2P Hybrid Information Retrieval Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
Yang Cao, Shaozi Li
1767: Collaborative Agents Supported Automatic Physical Database Design Based on Description Logics Reasoning
Tian-Lei Hu, Gang Chen, Yin-Jie Hong, Xiao-Long Zhang, Jin-Xiang Dong
1845: Quantitative Evaluation of Workspace Collaboration
Antonio Ferreira, Pedro Antunes
1977: An Architecture of Semantic Desktop Data Grid
Mingwei Wang, Shusheng Zhang, Jingtao Zhou, Han Zhao
2038: RDLM: A Resilient Mechanism for Data Location in Distributed Collaborative Environment
Wei Ye, Ning Gu
2078: Statistical Evaluation of Information Distribution Algorithms in a Mobile Agent-Based Dynamic Information System
Iftikhar Ahmed, M. J Sadeq


B8: NM-2 (Networked Manufacturing)

1427: A Novel Task Allocation Problem Solution with PSO Algorithm for Holonic Manufacturing System
Fuqing Zhao, Qiuyu Zhang, Yahong Yang
1429: A Scheduling Holon Modeling Method with Petri Net and  its Optimization With a Novel PSO-GA Algorithm
Fuqing Zhao, Qiuyu Zhang , Yahong Yang
1442: CR-Oriented Research on Product Configuration Management Modeling based on PFSC for Aero Subcontract Production
Zhiqiang Jiang, Xilan Feng, Xuewen Zong
1636: Expert System for Vehicle Body Assembly Conceptual Design
Yubing Li , Guanlong Chen, Xinming Lai, Cheng Zheng, Yanfeng Xing
1755: An Implementation for Collaborative Manufacturing Platform Oriented to Distributed Environment
Jian-feng Guo, Xin-jian Gu, Li ang-ping Cui, Jun Ma, Sheng-fa Wang, Hong-fei Zhan
1215: Partner Selection and Evaluation in Agile Virtual Enterprise Based upon TFN-AHP Model
Jian Cao, Gengui Zhou


B9: WM-1 (Workflow Management)

1510: Integrate Policy based Management and Process based Management - A New Approach for Workflow Management System
Song Ouyang
1569: Analysis of Workflow Schedulability Based on Time Constraint Petri Nets
Li n Feng, Hao Jiang
1735: Time Performance Evaluation for Workflow Based on Extended FTWF-nets
Yan Pan, Yong Tang , Ji’an Xu, Kaishun Wu
1842: Increasing Flexibility in Process Deployment with the Process Beans Composer
Andrea M. Magdaleno, Vanessa T. Nunes, Renata M. Araujo, Marcos R.S. Borges
1289: Optimal Allocation of Workflow Resources with Cost Constraint
Zhijiao Xiao, Huiyou Chang, Yang Yi
1997: A Workflow System Based on Ontology
Zhilin Yao, Shufen Li u, Shichun Pang, Zhaoqing Zheng
1733: Formal Model of Workflow Integration and its Application in STISAG
Zhijun Ding, Zhaohui Zhang, Changjun Jiang, Meiqin Pan


C1: MAS-1 (Agents and Multi-Agent Systems)

1274: Agent-based System for Collaborative Stamping Part Design
Dunbing Tang
1528: Study on Scheduling System Based on Multi-Agent of Container Terminal
Meng Yu, Shaomei Wang
1578: A New Communication Mechanism Based on Virtual Agent for Mobile Agent
Jianmin Zhao, Xinzhong Zhu, Huiying Xu, Xinpeng Zhuang
1604: Towards a Multi-Agent System Application to Support Communities of Practice   
Gilson Yukio Sato, Jean-Paul A. Barthès
1623: Study on Agent-Based Parts Resource Application System for Commercial Design
Yan-tao Wang, Jia-guang Li u, Bin Li u, Yi-fei Xing


C2: MAS-2 (Agents and Multi-Agent Systems)

1660: Dynamic Capability Delegation Model for MAS, Architecture and Protocols in CSCW Environment
Zhiyong Zhang, Jiexin Pu, Shaozhong Zhang
1664: Interactive Mechanism for Cooperative Design in Web Environment Based on Multi-Agent Technology
Hongming Cai, Li hong Jiang, Yiqiong Zhu
1710: A Cooperative Creative Conceptual Design System
Xiangwei Zheng, Hong Li u
1745: Using Honey Bee Teamwork Strategy in Software Agents
Sarmad Sadik, Arshad Ali, Farooq Ahmad, Hiroki Suguri
1786: Enabling Virtual Organizations with an Agent-Mediated Service Framework
Baohua Shan, Yanbo Han, Hongcui Wang
1851: A Cooperative Multi-Agent-Based Plant Design System
Nianfeng Shi, Weiqing Tang , Shicai Li , Tao He, Zhengduo Pang


C3: MAS-3 (Agents and Multi-Agent Systems)

1857: A Research of Collaborative CAD System Based on Multi-Agent
Xinzhong Zhu, Jianmin Zhao, Huiying Xu, Rong Long
2006: Recipe, Policy and Self-Organizing: A Hybrid Collaboration Approach for Agent-Based Cooperative Design
Hang Guo, Ji Gao, Zhiqiang Zeng, Bin Hu
2057: An Efficient Trust Model for Multi-Agent Systems
Akbar S. Namin, Ruizhong Wei, Weiming Shen, Hamada Ghenniwa
2065: A Cooperative Game Model for Agent Negotiation in Network Service
Zheng-Ai Bian, Junzhou Luo
1928: An Agent-based E-Learning Assessing and Instructing System
Zhi Li u, Zhang Wang, Zhaolin Fang
1637: Particle Swarm Optimization based on Dynamic Niche Technology with Applications to Conceptual Design
Xiyu Li u, Hong Li u, Huichuan Duan


C4: OKM-1 (Ontology and Knowledge Management)

1858: Meaning Negotiation for Consensus Formation in Ontology Integration
Jonice Oliveira, Jairo de Souza, Melise Paula, Jano Moreira de Souza
1913: Context in Knowledge-Intensive Collaborative Work
Vanessa Tavares Nunes, Flávia Maria Santoro, Marcos R.S. Borges
1465: A System Architecture Design for Knowledge Management (KM) in Medical Genetic Testing (MGT) Laboratories
Yulong Gu, James Warren, Jan Stanek, Graeme Suthers
1519: A Dynamic Anomaly Detection Model for Web User Behavior Based on HsMM
Yi Xie, Shun-Zheng Yu


C5: OKM-2 (Ontology and Knowledge Management)

1887: Methodology of Integrated History Knowledge Management for Concurrent Engineering in Li fecycle of Product Development Process
Peisi Zhong, Dazhi Li u, Hongmei Cheng, Mei Li u
2029: ConAnnotator: Ontology-aided Collaborative Annotation System
He Hu, Xiaoyong Du
1775: Study on Active Push of Knowledge for CSCWD Based on Knowledge Management
Shengfa Wang, Xinjian Gu, Li angping Cui, Jianfeng Guo, Jun Ma, Hongfei Zhan
1886: Knowledge Discovery from Multidisciplinary Simulation to Support Concurrent and Collaborative Design
Jie Hu, Jilong Yin, Yinghong Peng, Dayong Li


C6: WS-SW-1 (Web Services and Semantic Web)

2037: Approach to Indefinite Semantic Conflicts of Words in Collaborative Editing of Design Documents
Ning Gu, Jun Xu, Wei Ye
1246: A Semantic Web-based Architecture for Collaborative Multi-Agent Functional Modeling in Design
Li Zhang, Wenyu Zhang, Gang Chen, Yuzhu Wang, Jinxiang Dong
1550: Collaborative Simulation Environment based on HLA and Web Service
Hongwei Wang, Heming Zhang
1576: On Semantic-based cooperation among Web Services
Junwu Zhu, Jiandong Wang, Li Bin, Jiang Yi
2080: Automatic Template Detection for Structured Web Pages
Lawrence Lo, Vincent To-Yee Ng, Patrick Ng, Stephen CF Chan
1724: WS-SLA: A Framework for Web Serivces Oriented Service Level Agreements
Wenhui Sun, Jinyu Zhang, Feng Li u


C7: WS-SW-2 (Web Services and Semantic Web)

1742: Task Planning for Top-down Collaborative Assembly Design
Youdong Yang, Shuting Zhang, Zhihua Li , Shuming Gao
1774: A Task-oriented Semantic Representation Model for Web Services Process Integration
Kangkang Zhang, Qingzhong Li
1864: Web Services-Based Wide-Area Protection System Design and Simulation
Qizhi Chen, Hamada Ghenniwa, Weiming Shen
1876: An Approach for Composing Web Services on Demand
Tiezheng Nie, Ge Yu, Derong Shen, Yue Kou, Jie Song
1899: TDWF: A Workflow Model Based on Cooperation of Web Services
Yuliang Shi, Li ang Zhang, Baile Shi
1455: The Web-based Manufacturing Resource Sharing Technologies and Application Services in Collaborative Product Development
Baoli Dong, Xiuting Wei, Guoning Qi, Yadong Qian, Xinjian Gu, Xuejian Jiao, Jun Ma  
2021: An Index Scheme for XML Documents Based on Relationship Joins
Chengwen Wu, Jinxiang Dong, Gang Chen, Li hua Yu


C8: WS-SW-3 (Web Services and Semantic Web)

2069: Towards Autonomous Service Level Agreement Negotiation for Adaptive Service Composition
Jun Yan, Jianying Zhang, Jian Li n, Mohan B. Chhetri, Suk K. Goh, Ryszard Kowalczyk
2071: A Survey on Semantic Web Services and a Case Study
Jiehan Zhou, Juha-Pekka Koivisto, Eila Niemelä
1773: Interfacing Heterogeneous PDM Systems by PLM Services for Design Collaboration
Erkan Gunpinar, Hanmin Lee, Soonhung Han
1741: Selecting Useful Images from the Web for Mobile Services
DaeHyuck Park, Eui sun Kang, ByongHee Lee, JongKeun Kim, Kunjung Sim, Meehwa Cho, YoungHwan Li m
1488: Complex Information Resources Interoperability in Semantic Web Services
Wei Li u, Keqing He, Xiuhong Chen, Kui Zhang


C9: AP (Other Applications)

1551: A Template Engineering Based Framework for Automated Software Development
Min Fang, Jing Ying, Minghui Wu
1192: Integrated Examination Management System Based on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Jian Li u, Xiaosu Chen, Xiangdong Feng
1651: Proactive Maintenance with Variant Workload under Distributed Multimedia Application Systems
Jiwen Wang, Qingmei Wang, Fengyu Li u
1748: An OBSM Method for Real Time Embedded System
Li u Fang, Ming Cai, Jinxiang Dong, Meirong Xu
1814: Research and Design on a Web-Based System for Spatial Data Co-Edit
Chaozhen Guo, Jianbin Zhuang, Jia Wu
1577: A Distributed GLR Scheme for 3G Cellular Networks
Bin Lu, Hong Jiang


D1: EC-EB (E-Commerce and E-Businesses)

1846: Co-assembler - Supporting Collaborative Product Configuration for Customer-oriented e-Commerce
Sophia M K Soo, Stephen C F Chan, Vincent T Y Ng
2043: A Component-Driven Development Framework for e-Business Systems
Hwa Gyoo Park
1579: Effects on Sales by Virtual Community Interactions: A Social Network Analysis
Sushil K Sharma, Huinan Xu
1847: Application of Business Rule in CSCW System
Jinjiao Li n, Chengxiang Song, Haiyang Wang
2053: Software Leasing: A Virtual Enterprise Oriented ASP Solution to Small and Middle Enterprise Information Service
Qingzhou Niu, Hengzhou Ye, Xinxiao Li , Xiaomei Tao


D2: NM (Networked Manufacturing)

1277: An Efficient Method for No-Wait Flow Shop Scheduling to Minimize Makespan
Xiaoping Li , Qian Wang, Cheng Wu
1874: Development of an Expert System for the Trim Die Design in Automotive Industry
Sang-Jun Lee, Tae-Soo Kim, Seoung-Soo Lee
1875: Development of Expert Design System for Draw Die in Automotive Industry
Tae-Soo Kim, Sang-Jun Lee, Soon-Kyu Li m
1877: Dynamic Manufacturing Job Management in Manufacturing Grid
Shuhui Zhang, Xiangxu Meng, Shijun Li u, Ruyue Ma, Lei Wu
1889: Building a Collaborative Manufacturing System on an Extensible SOA-based Platform
Qiu Chen, Jun Shen, Yongqiang Dong, Jiangpeng Dai, Weijun Xu
2085: A Federated Integration of Networked Manufacturing Platforms
Yun Xu, Tianyuan Xiao, Ce Li ang, Li nxuan Zhang


D3: VRCAD (Virtual Reality and CAD)

1562: An approach of Multidisciplinary Collaborative Design for Virtual Prototyping in Distributed Network Environment
Heming Zhang, David Chen
1460: Feeling the Softness of Virtual Objects with a Continuous and Passive Haptic Device
Juan Wu, Aiguo Song, Jianqing Li
1716: 3D Fractal Tree Based on Growth Simulation System
J. Chen , H. Li u
1843: Simulations and Animations for CAD/CAE Software
R. Robert Gajewski
1757: Research and Development of Distributed VR Driving System Based on Virtools
Xunxiang Li , Dingfang Chen, Le Wang,  Anding Li
1880: An Adaptive-Filtering Policy for Distributed Virtual Environments
Li ng Chen, Wei Li u, Gencai Chen  
1634: An Efficient Method to Mesh Point Cloud
Guiping Qian, Ruofeng Tong, Wen Peng, Jinxiang Dong


D4: DM-1 (Design Management)

1451: Research and Implementation of Parts Li brary Application Level Model
Yong Lu, Yingguang Li , Wenhe Li ao
1567: Multi-Domain Collaborative Simulation Platform: An Integrative Framework for Complex Products Design
Wenhui Fan, Keming Wang, Guangleng Xiong
1706: A Composition-Oriented Approach for Business Process Formal Design
Jing Zhang,  Hai-Yang Wang
1747: Evaluation for Result-Chain Models based on Fuzzy Evaluation Matrix
Xiaozhen Mi, Changgang Yan, Li Jin, Qin Si


D5: DM-2 (Design Management)

1924: Evaluating Expertise in Collaborative Educational Environments
Jaime Wojciechowski, Bráulio C. Ávila, Fabrício Enembreck, Edson E. Scalabrin
1992: A Process Traceability Methodology to Support Conflict Management
Mohamed-Zied Ouertani, Li lia Gzara-Yesilbas, Gabriel Ris
1994: Ontology Based Design for Similarity Discovery in SYMBAD Project
Daniel Pinho, Adriana S. Vivacqua, Sergio Medeiros, Jano M. de Souza
1927: An Architecture of Process-centered Context-aware Software Development Environment
Tao Jiang, Jing Ying, Minghui Wu, Min Fang


D6: DMT-1 (Design Methods and Tools)

2068: Semi-Online Task Allocation Algorithm among Cooperative Agents
Bo Li u, Junzhou Luo, Wei Li
1182: A Design Method of Distributed Workflow Engine
Qiuyu Zhang, Peng Huang, Yue Yang
1270: An Extended CSCW Architecture Using Wearable Personal Station-Based Korean Sign Language Recognizer
Jung-Hyun Kim and Kwang-Seok Hong
1622: An Automatic Generation Algorithm for Business Process in Workflow Management System
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1902: Cooperative Bounded Model Checking Using STE and Hybrid Three-Valued SAT Solving
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D7: DMT-2 (Design Methods and Tools)

1911: Telepointer Motion Prediction in Real-Time Internet-Based Collaborative Graphics Editing Systems
Jiajun Bu, Bo Jiang, Jianxv Yang, Chun Chen
1922: Automatic Identification of Teams based on Textual Information Retrieval
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2063: A Contingent Searching for Improvement of Evolutions
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1671: Universal Data Model Platform: The Data-Centric Evolution for System Level Co-design
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D8: EL-1 (E-Learning)

1268: WFMS-based Data Integration for e-Learning
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1258: An Exploration for Influencing Factors of Interaction Learning in Web-based Instruction
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1231: A Cooperative Authoring System for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
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1282: A Web-based Framework for On-line Collaborative Learning
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D9: EL-2 (E-Learning)

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2028: A Speech Enhancement Approach for Li ve Teaching System Using a Novel Hybrid Double Talk Detector
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1966: A Method for Learner Grouping Based on Personality Clustering
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