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SS3: Smart Sensor Networks and Internet of Things             


·   Organizers


Xu Cheng, Section of Energy Markets, Smart Innovation Norway - xu.cheng@ieee.org, Hao Wang, School of Cyber Engineering, Xidian University - haow@ieee.org, and Jiehan Zhou, Network Information Systems and Manufacturing Automation, University of Oulu - jiehan.zhou@ieee.org

·   Description/Abstract


The fourth/Fifth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0/5.0) has paved the way for Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence to produce intelligent and interconnected operations. To realize these industrial revolutions, advanced computing, smart sensors, smart machines, smart energy, digital twins, and communication technologies to collect data and make predictable decision are needed. In such background, some new paradigms have been emerged as time require in the organization and control of the industrial value chain. With the wide deployment of IoT sensors, explosive generation of huge and diverse volumes of big data have been given rise. The big data is the new “oil” which is significant for the assistance of optimal decision-making. Although there are numerous benefits, there are several challenges before the formal adoption of IoT across various industrial sectors. First, how to propose advanced computing methodologies, such as edge/cloud computing, to obtain the hidden knowledge from the IoT data. Second, how to propose sustainable computing for the learning paradigms with the aim of trust, decentralization, energy-saving, and security-enhancement in IoT data. This special section will explore how advanced computing has the potential to overcome the challenges mentioned above. Original research contributions and review papers are of interest in Advanced computing related areas including (but not limited to):

• AI-powered computing for IoT
• Digital-twin enabled computing for IoT
• Energy efficiency computing for IoT
• Cloud/fog/edge computing for IoT
• Big data computing, applications and technologies for IoT
• Privacy preservation computing for IoT
• Communication efficiency computing for IoT
• Novel visions, concepts and theories of IoT
• Advanced computing for IoT-enabled machine health monitoring
• Novel applications for advanced computing in IoT