Accepted Papers

The Seventh International Conference on CSCW in Design

September 25-27, 2002, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Framework for Awareness Support in Groupware Systems

Manuele Kirsch Pinheiro, José Valdeni de Lima, Marcos R. S. Borges


A Collaborative Approach to the Reuse of Scientific Experiments in the Bill of Experiments Tool

Leonardo Figueiredo Cardoso, Jano Moreira de Souza, Carlete Marques


A CSCW Method for Designing CRT Correcting Lens

Yuxiu Cao, Xipeng Tong, Long Tang


A Fair Non-repudiation Protocol

Bo Meng,  Shaomei Wang,  Qianxing Xiong 


A Feature Interface Model Towards Distributed Solid Modelling

Xiao-Feng Mi, Ming Tang, J. Dong


A Feature-Based Collaborative Model

Liangjun Zhang, M. Tang, Ruofeng Tong, J. Dong


A Flexible Multimedia Cooperative Product Design Platform Framework

Yuchu Tong, Dongming Lu


A Framework for Collaborative Supply Chain: Level 1 - Planning and Redesign

Z.M.Udin and M.K.Khan


A Framework for Integration of CSCW

Rahat Iqbal, Anne James, Richard Gatward


A framework to support scientific knowledge and cooperation: a study case in Agro meteorologyg

Gustavo da Rocha B. Pinto, Júlia Célia Mercedes Strauch, Jano Moreira de Souza, et al.


A Gesture Language for Collaborative Conceptual Design

Cuixia Ma, Guozhong Dai


A Learning Resource Metadata Management System Based on LOM Specification

Zhongnan Shen, Yuanchun Shi, Guangyou Xu


A model and algorithm of two-dimensional optimum layout in blanking

Yong Chen, Ruofeng Tong, Min Tang, J. Dong


A Multi-agent Architecture for Automated Product Technical Specifications Verification in CAD Environments

Alain Desrochers, Soumaya Cherkaoui


A New 3D Surface Reconstruction Method and Its Application in ICT

M. Zhao, Jie Tian, Huiguang He, Guangming Li


A New Parallel Architecture for Image Compression

Shxin Sun, Chaoyang Pang


A software architecture for collaborative visualization

Robert Hendley, R. Anane, S. Hardy


A spatial constraint template problem

Shengli Liu, Min Tang, J. Dong


Action Research: A Research Approach for Cooperative Work

David Avison


An Improved Concurrency Control Algorithm of Cooperative Design Document Based on Marking

WU Xiao-Yuan,  LIU Jia-Mao  and   GU Ning


An Inference Model of Temporal Logic in an Intelligent Decision Support System of Salary

Dongning Liu, Yong Tang, Guofang Ding, Na Tang


An Object Model for Collaborative CAD Environments

C.A.M. Barbosa, Marcelo Dreux, João Bento, Bruno Feijó, Rubens Melo,Sergio Scheer


Analyze of TCP-Based Network Traffic Control on Asymmetric Links

Liu Shufen, Jin Hao ,FangYinglan


Application Cooperating: Issues and Approaches

Baomin Xu, Zongkai Lin


Assisting Decision Making in Requirements Reconciliation

Debbie Richards and Kathrin Boettger


Awareness Extensions in WFMSs - Elements for Collaboration and Process Learning

Renata Araujo, Marcos R. S. Borges


Bidirectional Conversion between XML Documents and Relational Data Bases

Marta H. Jacinto, Giovani R. Librelotto, José C. Ramalho, Pedro R. Henriques


Bornite Craftworks Creative Design System Oriented Data Communicating Model

Wenbin Zheng   Suqin Men Qi Huang Yin Yang Jiafu Xu


China Official Documents Run System and Its Access Control Mechanism

Lu Yihong, Song Hantao, Gong Yuanming


CODA: A Collaboration Oriented Data Agent

Yinsheng Li and Weiming Shen


Component Priority Assignment in the Data Flow Dominated Embedded Systems with Timing Constraints

Wu, Baifeng, Peng Chenglian, Sun Xiaoguang


Cooperative Multi-Agent System in Diagnosing the Well Drilling Malfunction &Accident Solving

Yushu Ma, Re Hemujiang, Ding Ciqian


Coordinating Transaction Model in CDBMS

Li Qiujing, Xu Hong


Coordination in Collaborative Environments - A Global Approach

Adailton Cruz, Alberto B. Raposo, Léo P. Magalhães


Data Synchronization in the Mobile Internet

Ligang  Ren, Junde Song


Design Center - A Collaborative Environment for the Integrated Development of Products and Services

Armin P. Schulz, Stephan Finkel, Michael Wieser


Design of Mobile Terminal for Telehealth Care Life Support System

Tsutomu Matsumoto


Distributed Constraint Management as a Basis for Team Design

Dan Grecu


E-Commerce Oriented Integrated Cooperative Platform ECIC

Ruizhi Sun, Meilin Shi


Environment improvements for a better cooperation in international collaborative mechanical design

Indira THOUVENIN, Marie Hélène Abel, Bruno Ramond, Abir Qamiyah


Epistheme: Scientific Knowledge Management Environment in the SpeCS Collaborative Framework

Jonice Oliveira, Jano Moreira de Souza, Julia Strauch, Carlete Marques


Finding Solutions for Effective Collaboration in a Heterogeneous Industrial Scenario

Ismael H. F. dos Santos, Alberto B. Raposo, Marcelo Gattass


From Desktop Operations to Lessons Learned

Cesar A. Tacla, Jean-Paul Barthès


Generation of Group Storytelling in Post-decision Implementation Process

Carla Valle, Wolfgang Prinz, Marcos Borges


Geometric Constraint Solving For Parametric Conics

Bi Chen, Ming Tang, J. Dong


Improving meetings by identifying informal roles played by participants

Marcos Borges, Sueli Mendes, Claudia L. R. Motta


IP Multicasting Technique and it’s Application

Shaozi Li, Tangqiu Li, Yidong Chen


KaViDo - A Web-based System for Collaborative Research and Development Processes

Oliver Taminé, Rüdiger Dillmann


Multi-Agent Transactions for Web-based Design Activities

Muhammad Younas, Kuo-Ming Chao, Rachid Anane, Anne James


Multi-levels and a Temporal Dimension to Exception Handling in Intelligent Agents

Nazaraf H Shah, Anne James, Anthony N Godwin, Kuo-Ming Chao


Multiple Evolution and Concurrent Engineering Design

K-M Chao, R. Anane, P. Norman, C-F Tasi, and C Reeves


Ontology-Based Document Extraction Processing

Ning Gu, F. Wang, G. Wu


Peer-to-Peer Network Computing Model Design

Luo Junzhou


Personal Assistant to improve CSCW

Fabricio Enembreck, Jean-Paul Barthès


Petri-net-based Context-related Access Control in Workflow Environment

X. Dong, Gang Chen, Jianwei Yin, J. Dong


Portfolio, Intelligent Agents and Web: Professional Education in a Collaborative Online Environment

Hilton J. S. de Azevedo, Ana C. S. Bevacqua, Edson E. Scalabrin, Fernanda Hembecker


Preliminary Design and Manufacturing Planning Integration Using Intelligent Agents

Shaw C. Feng and Eugene Y. Song


Reliable Framework Architecture for Multi-Agents Systems Interaction

Eugénio Oliveira, Guilherme Pereira, Cláudio Gomes


Research and design of intelligent teaching model over network

Hong Guo, Jun-ming Sun


Research of Real-Time Level of Detail Terrain Rendering

Zhou Likun, Liu Jinpeng, Chen Dingfang


Research on an Event Specification for Event-Based Collaboration Support

Ping-peng YUAN, Gang Chen, J. Dong, W. Han


Research on Conflict Resolution and Operation Consistency in Real-Time Collaborative Graphic Designing System

Xueyi Wang, Jiajun Bu, and Chun Chen


Research On Technology of Product Data Exchange for Internet-based Distributed Integrated Manufacture

P. Gao, Lanfen Lin, J. Dong, Ming, Cai


SAMS: Synchronous, Asynchronous, Multi-Synchronous Environments

Pascal Molli, Hala Skaf-Molli, Gérald Oster, Sébastien Jourdain


Several Design Issues of the JSPC Digital Archives

Xinyou Li, Jiaxin Yuan, Xuegang Ji


Sketching and Computer-Aided Conceptual Design

Ralph Buchal


Specification and Implementation of a Support Platform for the Accelerated Development of Technologies

Milton Borsato, Rolf Hermann Erdmann, Mariana Pucci da Silva, Rafael Machado Bardal


Study and Implementation of the Settlement System for E-learning System

Luo Junzhou


Tangible Interface: Integration of the Real and Virtual

Wang Qianping,  Xiashi Xiong, John Frazer,  Tang Mingxi


Telemedicine System Integrated with Multimedia

Shiguang Ju, Tao Cai, Yong Jianping and Xiaohong Zhang


The Importance of Situation Awareness in Efficiency of Distributed Collaborative Working

Sébastien Bernard, Aline Cauvin, Elizabeth Carver, Laurent Noblet


The Multi-Tier Architecture Based on Offline Component Agent

Zhang Shidong, Li Qingzhong, Zheng Yongqing, Wang Haiyang


The Research And Design Of Cooperative Processing In WebGIS

Chaozhen Guo, Miao Zhuang, Honghong Wang, Xingchen Han, Jia Wu


The Research and Design of Remote Cooperative CAD Platform for Architectural Engineering

Weiyu Wei,  Qingzhou Fang, Yi Yang


The United Use of Multiple Information Sources based on CSCW

Lei Ma, Hantao Song


Toward a Knowledge-based Framework to Foster Innovation in Networked Organisations

Luiz M. Spinosa & Carlos O. Quandt  & Milton Pires Ramos


Towards a new set of tools for a collaborative design environment

Vincent Riboulet, Philippe Marin


Towards Support for Personalization and Customization in a Collaborative Environment

David Hicks


Towards the evaluation of awareness information support applied to peer reviews of software engineer

Marco Aurélio Mangan, Renata Mendes de Araujo, Marcos Kalinowski, Marcos R.S.Borges, Cláudia Maria Lima Werner


Using Groupware Tools to Extend the Organizational Memory with Collaboration Aspects

Marco Aurélio Gerosa, Hugo Fuks, Alberto B. Raposo & Luís Henrique R. G. Mitchell


Virtual High Tech Clusters - The Modern Silicon Valley?

Michael Wieser


WebBlow: A Web/Agent Based MDO Environment

Weiming Shen


Wise-ShopFloor: A Web-Based and Sensor-Driven Shop Floor Environment

Lihui Wang, Weiming Shen and Sherman Lang

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